Prestige® Bath & Body Decorative Seals

Bath & Beauty Decorative Seals & Medallions

A step above the rest. Uniquely Crafted Seals & Medallions by Prestige®

Luxurious, Romantic, Natural… whatever your bath and beauty brand identity, deliver your message with our custom-crafted Metal, Wax-like Seals and Medallions.

Add a
Prestige® Faux Wax Seal, Charm or Medallion and develop a truly distinctive, alluring product that will be the focal point on any retail shelf.

Stand out from the crowd and stimulate purchases with our quality-crafted decorative seals & medallions.

Distinguish and indulge your clientele with our prestigious seals and medallions. Choose a
standard shape from our Package Enhancement product line or develop a signature piece with a Stoffel Seal Expert. The exceptional finished product that will delight customers and drive sales!


Prestige® Bath & Beauty…
Seals & Medallions that are sure to enchant!